Contractor Project Manager

     “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” 

– Winston Churchill

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There are many ‘rule’ books on ‘how to’ build a web site, day trading, and so on. But as yet there are relatively few books on how to become a Contractor Project Manager. I am offering you the opportunity to learn the rules, make an informed decision and take the leap – but WITH a safety net (my eBook : “How to become a Contractor Project Manager”)

Moreover I realise that not everyone will be in a position or have the opportunity to spend the required time as I did, however: I can save you the time and effort.

I have documented everything I have learned into an efficient process in my eBook : “How to become a Contractor Project Manager”

Equally important I can show you how to increase your salary, improve your lifestyle and gain a better work / life balance.

This website is appropriate for a permanent or would-be Project Manager at any level who want to enter the UK or Singapore contracting market.

The views expressed on this site are mine only, and don’t represent those of any employer past or present with whom I have worked.

Posts are copyright Me unless otherwise specified.


Steven Mulhall