Contractor Project Manager

     “It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.” 

– Winston Churchill

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Buy “How to Become a Contractor Project Manager” eBook for only £5.00 (was £9.99) and get a Contractor Project Manager CV Example and Contractor Project Manager Sample Invoice absolutely FREE

“How to Become a Contractor Project Manager” eBook

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Project Manager CV Tips

  • Start with a clear profile.
    • A summary of your unique selling points
  • First section should be EMPLOYMENT
    • Reverse chronological order
    • I hope this is obvious: your last job should be the first thing the reader sees
    • Include bullet-points detailing what you have done in each role
  • Include bullet points detailing what you have done in each role
    • Key responsibilities
    • Key achievements
      • Key responsibilities
      • Key achievements
    • Reverse chronological order
    • Include on the job training
    • If you are part of any professional bodies list any that are relevant and mention what groups you are part of within those organisations (if applicable)
    • Try to qualify your hobbies and interests
    • Do not mention generic things like ‘I like to go running’ without qualifying it as to what has been achieved
    • For example: “I am part of the Harriers running club”, or “I recently completed the Great North Run”
  • Do not worry about keeping your CV to 2 pages – agents and employers like to see everything you have done
  • Do not leave any gaps! Explain all periods of employment and unemployment
  • If you have many varied roles as a young person that are no longer relevant, just summarise & list them no need to give too many details about your graduate bar job