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From the Ground Up: an insight into the APM Introductory Certificate Qualification

February 27th, 2011 by

When starting out in Project Management there are two immediate priorities on one’s radar.

1. To gain as much on the job experience as possible
2. To obtain professional qualifications which will aid in development

Professional qualifications go hand in hand with the experience you will gain whilst in a project role. Most likely, these qualifications will act as a prerequisite into the job itself and will offer a structured, consistent framework, from which you can manage projects of any size.

For individuals wishing to build their project knowledge from scratch, the APM Introductory Certificate Qualification offers solid grounding in terms of understanding the project lifecycle, roles, responsibilities and logical checkpoints. The information presented is simplistic and easy to pick up, even if you have had no prior knowledge or experience within a project environment.


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