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How to Achieve PRINCE2 Project Management Certification

August 25th, 2012 by

The PRINCE2 project management methodology was developed for use on government in the late 1980s, and within ten years had become an internationally recognized framework for successful project management, used on projects in public and private organizations across the world.

PRINCE2 certification is an essential requirement for many project management jobs, and a PRINCE2 qualification of some kind is a valuable addition to any project manager’s CV. But which level of PRINCE2 certification is suitable for each individual? And how can a PRINCE2 certificate most easily be acquired?


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Will PRINCE2 Training Enhance my Project Management Career Prospects?

August 1st, 2010 by

We are often asked the question by potential students “Will PRINCE2 training enhance my project management career prospects?” There is a very simple answer to this – Yes!

Most people considering PRINCE2 qualifications do so for career and/or personal development reasons. In the current economic climate, this is often driven by a change of job or career direction, sometimes not by choice. There is strong evidence that indicates that having up to date PRINCE2 qualifications could be the difference between being selected for a new position, whether you have years of project management experience or not. It could, in certain cases, be the difference between selected to stay in your current position or being released.


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